Top Facelift Myths

Top Facelift MythsWith interest in cosmetic facial rejuvenation steadily rising, it’s more important than ever to dispel common myths about facelift. Mr Miles Banwell of Attune Clinic regularly meets with men and women who are interested in turning back the clock with facelift. The trusted London plastic surgeon is committed to educating his patients so they can make informed decisions. Here, he shares the truth about three common myths and misconceptions regarding facelift.

Facelift Will Make Me Look Fake or Unnatural

The Internet is full of stories about botched facelifts that result in a frozen or windblown appearance. And while there is such a thing as a poorly done facelift, you need not to worry so long as you work with an expert facial plastic surgeon that has a proven track record of producing attractive and natural-looking results. In addition, surgical techniques in facelift have advanced significantly. Previous techniques primarily focused on pulling or tightening the skin, which could result in a surprised or frozen look if overdone. Modern facelift techniques, however, focus on tightening the deeper tissues and skin with a completely natural tension, producing rejuvenating and natural-looking results.

Facelift Is Only for Women

While women still make up the majority of facelift patients, statistics show that more men are seeking the facial rejuvenation procedure. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, men have the opportunity to refresh their facial appearance without compromising their masculinity. If you are a male interested in facelift, it’s in your best interest to select a plastic surgeon who has experience working with male patients. Looking at a surgeon’s before-and-after photos of male facelift patients can help you visualize the results you can expect.

The Results of Facelift Are Permanent

When performed correctly, facelift can turn back the clock and restore a youthful appearance. However, no procedure can stop the aging process altogether. The truth is that your body will continue to age normally immediately after your surgery. The key to prolonging the rejuvenating effects of your facelift is practicing good skin and lifestyle habits. This includes moisturizing regularly, applying sunscreen diligently and not smoking. Treatment with injectables such as Botox can also maintain your youthful look.

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