Facial Microfat Transfer London & Essex

We have increasingly understood that facial ageing is not just about the effects of gravity causing structures to sag or about the effects of sun (UV) damage to the skin surface causing texture to coarsen.

Facial Microfat Transfer LondonRather, facial ageing is also to do with loss of volume, causing a crucial facial ‘deflation’ effect. With age, faces become longer, thinner and more hollow appearing – particularly around the eyes (orbits) and temples. Indeed, it happens elsewhere in the face, with cheeks becoming flatter, jawlines less curved (more uneven), chins weaker and lips thinner.

MicroFat transfer (grafting) is a procedure that restores facial volume in areas that have deflated and aged. Fat is harvested by gentle liposuction from any zone of excess (e.g. tummy / love handle) and then precisely grafted into the face using a droplet-layering, syringe technique; this technique ensures that fat cells are manipulated vey gently, so that their chances of long-term survival are optimised.

Microfat grafting is often undertaken as the main procedure – that is to say as an important end in itself. However, whenever Miles Banwell undertakes facelift & necklift surgery, or indeed eyelid surgery, he will also assess the need for volume restoration by microfat grafting, as this is very often a vital adjunctive step in restoring a more naturally youthful.

During your consultation, we will share before and after photos of other patients whom have had similar procedures. London and Essex patients can schedule their consultation for Microfat grafting surgery by contacting Mr Miles Banwell’s office or by setting up an appointment online.