Facial Cosmetic Surgery London & Essex

Facial Cosmetic Surgery LondonEveryone’s face is complex and unique. Facial cosmetic surgery is certainly not about wholesale change. Features may need refining, facial flaws correcting or signs of ageing addressed, but never at the expense of losing the essential personality in your face.

Miles Banwell will work with you to evaluate which techniques are likely to be most effective in achieving your desired result. Some of these may be surgical options such as eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty or face lift surgery, and often these are combined with microfat grafting techniques to restore volume. Others options may be non-surgical, such as facial injectables.

Frequently the most natural, desirable results are achieved with a combination of different techniques. This is particularly true in correcting signs of ageing – surgery restores lost position (gravity!), fat micrografting restores lost volume, whilst non-surgical aesthetic treatments address skin surface textural changes and features of sun damage. Request a consultation with Miles Banwell and take the first step to finding out more.

Facial Surgery Procedures