Breast Reconstruction London & Essex

Breast Reconstruction LondonFor many women, the breasts are a defining feature of their femininity. Losing a part or all of the breast following a mastectomy or lumpectomy not only impacts a woman’s physical appearance but can also take a toll on her emotional well-being.

Mr Miles Banwell, founder of the Attune Clinic, is highly understanding of how breast cancer impacts a woman’s quality of life. The trusted plastic surgeon has performed hundreds of breast reconstruction procedures to restore a normal breast appearance and help women feel whole again.

Breast Reconstruction Candidacy

You may be a suitable candidate for breast reconstruction if you:

  • Are undergoing or have previously undergone a type of breast cancer treatment that will not be affected by breast reconstruction surgery
  • Want to restore a normal breast size and shape following a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Want to restore breast symmetry after one breast has been altered

Breast Reconstruction Options

London patients have several options for reconstructing their breasts. The first option uses breast implants only to restore the size, shape and symmetry of the breasts. Mr Banwell offers patients silicone implants, which are made of a sticky silicone gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone breast implants are safe and designed to last for many years. They also come in many shapes and sizes, allowing each patient to achieve a breast appearance that best flatters their overall appearance. In some cases, a mastectomy will leave the patient with an insufficient amount of tissue on the chest wall to cover the breast implant. In these cases, tissue expansion or a flap technique is necessary.

Tissue expansion is completed in several steps. In the first step, a temporary breast implant device is placed into the chest area and then closed with sutures. The device is gradually filled over a period of several months in order to expand the overlying skin tissue. The temporary device is then removed and replaced with a permanent breast implant.

Another way to reconstruct the breasts is by using tissue (skin and fat) harvested from another body area such as the abdomen or thighs. Known as the free flap technique, Mr Miles Banwell often uses this approach to provide spectacularly natural and long-lasting reconstructive outcomes. For example, DIEP breast reconstruction makes use of excess lower abdominal skin and fat, tissue similar to that removed in a tummy tuck. Alternatively, a TUG breast reconstruction makes use of excess skin and fat on the inside of the upper thigh, tissue similar to that removed in a thigh lift procedure.

For many women, the final step in breast reconstruction is reconstructing the nipple and areola, which can be completed using skin grafts, tattooing or both.

What to Expect after Breast Reconstruction

London Reconstructive Breast SurgeryAlthough you will notice an immediate difference following your breast reconstruction procedure, the final results will not be visible until several months later. Residual swelling and bruising from breast reconstruction will dissipate over time. Once you are fully healed, you will notice a natural appearance restored to your breasts and overall body.

Why Choose Mr. Banwell for Breast Reconstruction?

Mr Banwell is a highly-skilled reconstructive surgeon that specializes in breast reshaping and body contouring procedures. He is committed to providing safe, individualized procedures to deliver natural-looking results that each London breast reconstruction patient can be proud of.

“Mr Banwell carried out my mastectomy and reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis. I am so happy with the results and was treated with dignity and respect the whole time. Mr Banwell discussed all options with me and made the pros and cons very clear allowing me to make my own decision. I would definitely recommend.” – Google, Breast Reconstruction Review

If you would like to learn more about your reconstructive breast surgery options, contact Attune Clinic today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Banwell.