Thigh Lift Surgery London & Essex

What is a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery aims to improve the contour on the inside of the thigh; it is therefore more correctly termed a medial (inner) thigh lift.

Thigh Lift Surgery LondonThis area is often a particular problem following major weight loss – excess skin and fat around the inner thigh can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Corrective surgery is almost always a combination of liposuction (fat removal) and direct skin excision (contour tightening).

Thigh Lift Procedure

The distribution of the tissue laxity influences the extent of the surgical incisions necessary and therefore the scars too. Fullness confined purely to the upper medial thigh may best be approached non-surgically (CoolSculpting), but if surgery is preferred then a groin grease incision / scar may be all that is required. In situations where tissue laxity extends down the inside of the thighs towards the knees then vertical incisions (scars) are necessary.

The procedure requires a general anaesthetic and following surgery an overnight inpatient stay. A compression undergarment is worn in the weeks following surgery. Patients are typically able to return to office-style work within two or three weeks of their procedure.

Many individuals who have significant tissue laxity on the inside of their thighs will have a similar problem on the outside of their thighs too. This is particularly true following major weight loss. In such circumstances then the contour of the outer thighs can only be corrected as part of a lower body lift procedure. If this is required, then patients should be aware that best results are achieved when the lower body lift is performed first and then the medial thigh lift is undertaken as a second procedure at a later date.