Can Breast Augmentation Treat Breast Sag?

Can breast augmentation treat breast sag?Many women who are interested in enhancing the size of their breasts with breast implants are also concerned about noticeable breast sagging and what can be done to correct it. Mr Miles Banwell, founder of Attune Clinic, is one of London’s leading breast augmentation surgeons. Here, he explains whether breast augmentation can treat breast sag.

About Breast Augmentation and Breast Sag

Over time, the body produces less collagen and elastin (two proteins that are responsible for your skin’s firm and elastic quality), causing the skin to loosen. The connective tissues of the breasts are also replaced with fat, causing the breasts to droop.

While breast implants can fill in some loose skin on the breast, they cannot actually lift the breasts. In some cases, breast implants can worsen breast sag as bigger breasts are heavier and more prone to sag over time.

Breast Lift for Perkier, Younger-looking Breasts

The only way to raise the breasts (and nipples) to a higher and more youthful position on the chest wall is through breast lift. Ideal candidates for breast lift are women whose breasts/nipples sit below the natural breast crease as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, the natural aging process and genetics. In addition to removing excess skin, breast lift tightens the underlying muscle tissue and reshapes the breasts for a more beautiful shape. The nipple and areola can also be raised and resized to a more natural-looking position on the breast mound.

Although some women can achieve their desired results with either breast augmentation or lift, others may actually benefit from a combination procedure. No two patients are alike and the only way to determine what procedure is right for you is by scheduling a personal consultation with a trained and experienced breast enhancement surgeon.

Learn More about Your Breast Enhancement Options

Mr Banwell has helped hundreds of women achieve their desired look with either breast augmentation, breast lift or both. He will gladly meet with you to discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals and design an optimal treatment plan.

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