The Benefits of Body Contouring after Weight Loss

Post-weight loss body contouringSmall pockets of fat and loose, hanging skin are two cosmetic flaws often left behind by massive weight loss. Body contouring refers to a group of plastic surgery treatments that are designed to address these imperfections and refine the body’s contours. With body contouring, patients can achieve a more flattering figure, one that positively reflects their weight loss efforts.

Have you recently lost a large amount of weight? Are you considering undergoing body contouring? Attune Clinic can help. Here, we outline some of benefits you can expect with post-weight loss body contouring.

Eliminates Physical Discomfort

Excess, loose skin that does not contract well over the body can be heavy and uncomfortable to move around. For this reason, many post-weight loss patients avoid exercise like running and cycling. In addition, folds of excess skin can rub against each other, causing painful chafing, rashes and infection. Body contouring procedures like tummy tuck and thigh lift excise loose skin and tighten the underlying muscle and tissue structures for a smoother and slimmer contour. Following body contouring, mobility is easier and exercise is more enjoyable.

Boosts Self-Confidence

The excess skin that remains after massive weight loss can detract from one’s smaller frame and confidence. It’s not uncommon for some patients to hide their shapeless figure under loose, bulky sweaters, or even become self-conscious and withdrawn. By tightening and smoothing out the body’s contours, patients can confidently show off their post-weight loss figure. Clothes fit better and patients feel more comfortable and confident in social settings.

Motivation to Live Healthier

Following body contouring, many patients are motivated to maintain their slimmer and more toned physique by exercising and eating healthily. In fact, several studies have found that weight loss patients who underwent body contouring were more likely to keep the weight off compared to those who didn’t have body contouring done. Body contouring can help jumpstart a healthier and happier life.

Body Contouring with Attune Clinic

No two body contouring treatments are the same. Mr Miles Banwell, founder of Attune Clinic, and his expert team will meet with you individually to identify your aesthetic concerns and goals. Using this information, Mr Banwell will design a customized treatment plan that yields the best results.

To learn about your body contouring options, contact Attune Clinic today.