BOTOX® Wrinkle Treatment

BOTOX Injections LondonIf you are interested in facial rejuvenation but are not ready for a surgical procedure, treatment with cosmetic injectables can help you achieve the youthful and beautiful appearance that you seek. Cosmetic injectables are known to be a quick fix for a range of facial signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. They can also be used in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures for more balanced and comprehensive results.

Although treatment with cosmetic injectables is relatively straightforward and quick to complete, it still requires the expertise of a trained and experienced professional Mr Miles Banwell, founder of Attune Clinic, is highly knowledgeable in using various cosmetic injectables for facial rejuvenation Similarly, Dr Chris Britt has great expertise in facial injectables and has a loyal patient fan base at Attune Clinic. Patients trust Attune Clinic for natural-looking and beautiful results.

Botox & Azzalure

Botox and Azzalure are two of the most popular cosmetic injectables for treating wrinkles, fine lines and facial creases. Made of botulinum toxin, either Botox or Azzalure is injected into the facial muscles to temporarily relax them. By doing so, the muscles can no longer contract and cause frowns lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet and other facial lines and wrinkles to form.

It is a common misconception that Botox and Azzalure cause a “frozen” facial expression.The effects of these injectables are specific to the muscles that create the lines and wrinkles, so the basic muscle function of the face is not interrupted. Normal facial expression and animation continue as normal but without the unwanted lines. Both Botox and Azzalure are safe and have proven successful results.

Results of Botox and Azzalure can be seen within one week of treatment and can last three to four months. Each patient’s body responds differently. Some patients have very large or strong facial muscles and the injectable product wears off quickly. Other patients have the opposite and can enjoy results for a longer period of time. In any case, the effects will wear off as the body gradually metabolizes the product. The relaxed muscles will begin to regain movement and make the facial expressions that lead to wrinkles and lines.

Because the effects of Botox and Azzalure are temporary, repeat sessions are needed to maintain a youthful appearance. Some patients choose to schedule appointments as soon as wrinkles begin to resurface, while others wait until the Botox or Azzalure has completely worn off.

How often you schedule sessions is completely up to you. Our team can recommend a schedule for you upon evaluating your area(s) of concern and your cosmetic goals.

Botox and Azzalure can be used to treat an array of facial lines including:

  • Forehead creases or deep folds
  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Lines between the eyebrows (often called “11” lines)
  • Lines around the nose and mouth

Botox and Azzalure are popular for many reasons. First, as non-surgical treatments, Botox and Azzalure require no surgery, no lengthy doctor visits, and very little postoperative downtime. Patients are able to achieve a smooth and wrinkle-free face without the incisions, scars or discomfort of surgery. Compared to surgical facial rejuvenation options, Botox and Azzalure are quite cost effective. The exact cost of Botox or Azzalure treatment will ultimately depend on several factors, including the dosage and number of areas being treated. The team at Attune Clinic can give you a more accurate cost estimate after a one-on-one consultation. Choosing between Botox and Azzalure largely comes down to patient preference and brand loyalty. Our team will discuss with you the specifications, pros and cons of each product, before recommending a product.

Bocouture (Xeomin)

Bocouture (Xeomin) differs from Botox in that it consists of a more purified form of the botulinum toxin protein. The advantage of this purity is that there is less potential for sensitivity to this product. Like Botox and Azzalure, Boucouture temporarily relaxes facial muscles to smooth out the overlying wrinkles and lines. Boucouture is commonly used to treat the wrinkles and lines on the forehead area. Results typically last three to four months.

Juvederm Voluma, Volift & Volbella

Voluma, Volift and Volbella are hyaluronic acid based fillers from the Juvederm collection of injectable products that are used to address wrinkles, folds and lines on the nose, mouth and forehead. These injectables also restore fullness to facial areas, like the cheeks, that have lost volume due to genetics, aging or other factors. Naturally thin or aged lips can also be plumped with Juvederm Volbella. Because Juvederm Voluma, Volift and Volbella have smooth consistencies, results are youthful and natural-looking. The results of these products typically last up to approximately 12 months.


Made of hyaluronic acid, Restylane is commonly used to restore fullness to facial areas and fill in deep creases on the forehead and lines between the nose and mouth. Results with Restylane can last approximately twelve months.

Treatment Details

Treatment with cosmetic injectables is quick and requires no downtime. Depending on the size of the treatment area, your procedure may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. To begin, Mr Banwell or Dr Britt will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. He will then use a fine needle to inject the product. Following your treatment, you will be free to return to your normal activities. Temporary side effects with cosmetic injectables are very minor but include soreness and redness.

When Will I See Results?

Cosmetic Injectables in EssexDepending on the injectable, results may be visible almost immediately after treatment or appear gradually over time. Results with cosmetic injectables are temporary, and so patients typically maintain results with routinely scheduled treatment sessions. Mr Banwell can recommend a treatment plan and schedule based on factors unique to you, such as your facial anatomy and desired results. Rest assured that your cosmetic injectable treatment with Mr Banwell and Dr Britt will be safe and tailored to meet your specific needs.

When Should I Consider Injectables?

Patients can meet with Mr Banwell to find out if they are the right candidate for BOTOX® treatment. Patients who are generally healthy and have no serious allergies or medical conditions are usually good candidates for injectable treatments. These treatments are easy and quick, and do not require any recovery period. Patients are sent home right after the procedure is finished.

To learn more about cosmetic injectables, please contact Attune Clinic today.