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Lip Augmentation London

Well defined, relatively full lips contribute to a classically desirable facial aesthetic.

Individuals of any age may request refinement of their lip shape. Alternatively, lips may be addressed as part of facial rejuvenation surgery, because as we age lips lose volume and shape.

The upper and lower lips are broadly similar, but when examined more closely have  very different aesthetic landmarks, contours and relative projections. Detailed knowledge  of these differences allows for sympathetic and gentle augmentation of lip fullness. If these key details are respected, then lip augmentation should never result in a ‘trout pout’ –  that infamous, unnatural effect seen when the upper lip has been over-projected relative to the lower lip.

The most common technique for lip enhancement is the use of injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers such as Juvederm® or Volbella®. These are safe, temporary fillers that augment volume or redefine landmarks. Results are predictable and last for approximately 3 to 4 months. The procedure is quick to undertake (15 minutes only), with minimal downtime.

MicroFat grafting is an alternative technique for lip augmentation. MicroFat grafting requires a preliminary step to harvest the fat and so is a day case hospital procedure.

Finally, lip augmentation can be undertaken with very fine, preformed implants. These tubular-like implants are manufactured from Gore-Tex® or AlloDerm® and are typically well-tolerated and long-lasting.  Lip implants give a firmer feel, with a more sculptured appearance than either HA filler injection or MicroFat graft.