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Ear Surgery London

Individuals often request surgical correction of excessively prominent, large or asymmetric ears. This is termed otoplasty surgery, although sometimes people will casually refer to having had ears ‘pinned back’.

This surgery is undertaken in adults as well as children, although children must be at least 6 years old  to ensure that ear development has advanced adequately. Surgery is typically under a short general anaesthetic, as a day case procedure.  It entails manipulating (e.g. stitching) the underlying cartilage that gives the external ear its shape.  Scars are well concealed behind the ear.

In adults the cartilage is more rigid and therefore to achieve a gentle contour, an additional incision may also be necessary at the front – although this will be hidden in the shadow of the ear bowl (concha) and the resulting scar should be barely visible.

Earlobe Surgery is also commonly requested. For example, earlobe repair may be required in the event of earlobe splitting or stretching following previous trauma or problematic piercings.

Earlobe refinement is frequently undertaken as part of successful facial rejuvenation surgery; with age earlobes become relatively stretched and surgical correction can deliver a subtle but significant aesthetic benefit.

London patients considering cosmetic ear surgery can learn more about this procedure by contacting Attune Clinic’s office.