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Chin Augmentation London

Chin projection contributes greatly to our perception of balance and harmony in facial aesthetics. It will also influence how other key features are perceived. For example, an under-projected, small chin may give the illusion of a nose that is too large.

Small volume enhancements are possible with injection of hyalluronic acid (HA)  fillers on a temporary basis or with microfat grafting more permanently. However, larger corrections of volume may be most simply corrected with a silicone chin implant.

There are some individuals with severe disproportions of chin projection. These patients will need onward referral elsewhere for detailed consideration of their dental occlusion (relative tooth position).

Essex and London patients can meet with expert plastic surgeon, Mr Miles Banwell, and discuss details about chin augmentation surgery. Schedule an appointment today to see if you are the perfect candidate for chin implants.