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Male Breast Reduction in London

Male breast overdevelopment is termed gynaecomastia. This common problem affects men of all ages, but fortunately it is readily correctable by surgery.

Variable amounts of ectopic fat and excess glandular tissue contribute to a prominent, breast-like appearance, often concentrated behind or just outside the nipple areola itself. Gynaecomastia surgery removes this excess tissue to achieve a flatter, male contour and a firmer chest wall.

Miles Banwell favours a minimally invasive technique – removing the fatty component using liposuction, and the glandular component with a small shaver device that utilises the same tiny (5mm) access incisions as the liposuction cannula. In this way scars are kept to an absolute minimum and are typically barely visible.

Alternatively, a more traditional approach can be used to remove the glandular component, although this does generate a hemi-circumferential scar on the lower nipple areola. In cases where gynaecomastia is very marked, then there may also be an excess of skin contributing to the problem. In these cases Miles removes this skin and typically conceals the resulting scar in the natural crease running under the lower edge of the main chest muscle.

Gynaecomastia correction surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, with a one night hospital stay afterwards. A lightweight compression vest is worn full time for the next four weeks. Patients return to office-style work at two weeks, and full physical activity (sports / gym) at six weeks.