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Buttock Augmentation & Lift in London

Desired aesthetic changes in buttock contours are achieved either by adding volume (fat grafting or implants), or alternatively by removing skin and thereby repositioning/tightening the buttocks (buttock lift surgery).

Sometimes it may be a combination of both approaches that is required. Patients often chose to ‘harvest’ fat by liposuction from hips/ love handles and  then use this to augment buttock contours by fat grafting.

At one time such operations were uncommon outside of the USA, however in recent years this surgery has become frequently requested elsewhere. Many people wish to retain slender body shapes, however are dissatisfied with a flat-buttocked appearance which is often associated. It is possible to enhance buttock contours in order to give a more curved aesthetic; the motivation for surgery being very similar to that often expressed for breast augmentation.

Essex and London patients can meet with expert plastic surgeon, Mr Miles Banwell, and discuss details about buttock augmentation and lift surgery. Schedule an appointment today to see if you are the perfect candidate.