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Lipogems Fat Transfer in London

Lipogems Stem Cell Treatment LondonInterested in Lipogems stem cell treatment in London? Fat transfer has become an increasingly popular choice among patients who wish to restore a youthful and full facial appearance. By removing unwanted fat from one body area and re-injecting it into the face, fat transfer offers patients a minimally invasive option to fill in wrinkles and lines and restore lost volume.

Mr Miles Banwell, founder of Attune Clinic, is a leading plastic surgeon who believes in offering his London patients the latest and most advanced technology in plastic surgery. He is proud to offer Lipogems, a revolutionary facial fat transfer procedure that is unlike other systems because it restores volume while simultaneously improving the tone and texture of skin. Continue reading the rejuvenating benefits of Lipogems.

The Lipogems Difference

What makes Lipogems different from other fat transfer methods is its filtering process. Lipogems uses a disposable mechanical system and a saline solution to wash away the impurities from the donor fat. Unlike other fat transfer techniques, the Lipogems solution is only composed of substances that naturally occur in the body, meaning it is completely hypoallergenic. With Lipogems, the fat is extracted at the same time as re-injection, which decreases the risk of contamination.

Thanks to the Lipogems’ advanced filtering technique, the fat processed is rich in stem cells and growth factors that ensure longer-lasting results. The stem cells and growth factors also help improve the skin’s tone and texture, providing more beautiful rejuvenating effects.

Are You a Candidate for Fat Transfer with Lipogems?

Lipogems may be right for you if you wish to restore volume in the following areas:

  • Tear troughs
  • Mid-face area, including cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lips and around the mouth
  • Back of the hands

Fat transfer is a highly individualized procedure. Mr Banwell meets with each patient first to determine their candidacy and design a customized plan of action. He will thoroughly examine the areas that need rejuvenation as well as other body areas that have surplus fat to harvest. Patients interested in fat transfer must have a sufficient amount of donor fat. Patients who not have enough donor fat may be candidates for facial rejuvenation with implants or facelift.

Procedure Details

Facial fat transfer with Lipogems can be completed in one 90 minute treatment session with Mr Banwell. First, the surgeon will use a local anesthetic to numb the donor area. He will then collect the donor fat using liposuction. The fat will be placed in the Lipogems device for purification. Once it’s ready, the fat will be re-injected into the areas where volume has been lost. There is very little discomfort following the procedure. Patients may experience some bruising but this should subside within a few days after treatment.

Schedule a Consultation with Attune Clinic

To learn more about facial rejuvenation with Lipogems, schedule a consultation with Mr Banwell. Contact Attune Clinic today to speak to a member of our team.